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Before I proceed, I should mention that mind mapping is a registered trademark of the Buzan organization. I use the term on this web site solely for informational purposes and to spread the word about the tremendous value of mind mapping.

Tony Buzan is credited as being the founder of the mind mapping discipline. His first book on mind mapping - The Mind Map Book - has very detailed explanations about why and how mind maps work. A later book, Mind Maps at Work (also by Tony Buzan), succinctly describes mind mapping this way:

"Mind Maps use letters and numbers and they also use color and image, which means that they engage the left and the right sides of the brain. This is why you can increase your thinking power synergistically when you use Mind Maps. Each side of the brain simultaneously feeds off and strengthens the other in a manner which provides limitless creative potential." (Mind Maps at Work, p. 9.)

You can find a collection of mind mapping articles and mind mapping videos from Tony Buzan on the iMindMap website. Download the free 7-day trial of iMindMap while you're there.

MindJet, makers of MindManager mind mapping software, also provides a great explanation of the mind mapping process on their web site.

Example Mind Map (created with MindManager X5 Pro)

Mind Map - Internet Marketing Strategies

Learning Mindmapping

Is mind mapping complicated? Not at all. In fact, learning mind mapping is easy and you can begin immediately. There are virtually no barriers to acquiring this magnificently useful, potentially life-changing skill. And don't worry if you aren't a visual learner - people with all types of learning strategies benefit from mind mapping.

Is mind mapping software expensive? Keep in mind you don't need to use software for mind mapping. In fact, it's probably better to do your first mind maps on paper (check out John Clapp's staggeringly beautiful hand-drawn mind map of "Vision + Art: The Biology of Seeing" for an amazing example - click on the thumbnail below to see a larger version on John's site).

John Clapp - How The Eye Works Mind Map

Another resource for beautiful, hand drawn mind map is Paul Foreman's mind mapping website. His mind mapped exploration of happiness is beautiful.

If you decide to use mind mapping software - which is particularly effective for business uses like project management, presentations, brainstorming, and strategic planning - you have several options, including free mind mapping software. Price will never be a barrier.

Does it work? In my experience, mind mapping has provided extraordinary results both personally and professionally. I think you'll find that mind mapping can do the same for you.


Mind Map Resources

This list isn't complete - I'm only comfortable recommending resources I've personally used or read and found valuable.

Mind Mapping Uses


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