How Can Mind Mapping Help You?

Have you ever wished you could get more work done in less time, see the "big picture" at the office or in your personal life, or learn more faster with less effort? If you answer yes to any or all of those questions, you're in the right place.

I created this web site because mind mapping has so profoundly affected my professional productivity and personal effectiveness that I want to spread the word. (And I want people to stop saying "what's that?" when they look over my shoulder at my mind maps.)

Discovering Mind Mapping

I'll admit up front that this story will sound a little weird (the truth is always stranger than fiction, right?). In early 2005 I read an article in the New York Times about accelerated learning / increasing productivity. The article focused on mind mapping, which I knew nothing about. I checked out some of the links to software and even downloaded a trial version of MindManager.

That same day (this is the weird part), I was at a local Border's bookstore. I grabbed the book I was looking for, and the book next to it fell on the floor. When I picked it up, I casually glanced at the title. It was Tony Buzan's The Mind Map Book. (Buzan is credited with founding the mind mapping movement). Serendipity? I bought the book, brought it home, and devoured it over the next few days.

My first maps were rudimentary, but they were effective. My first "real" map was an outline of Stephen Covey's Seven Habits of Highly Effective People drawn on paper with pens and colored pencils. I think Covey's work is amazing (I highly recommend the audio CD), but I've never been successful communicating the Seven Habits to others (including my wife). Ten minutes after showing her the Seven Habits map, it made sense to her (and was much clearer to me). I was hooked.

Example Mind Map (created with MindManager X5 Pro)

Example Mind Map

Mind Map Examples

The real test of mind mapping for me was my master's thesis. I left graduate school in Boston for a great job in Washington, DC and never finished my thesis. Time was running out and I needed to get the 100-page thesis written in three months or I would forfeit all of my graduate credits. When I created a mind map outline of my topic, I intuitively "got it" because I could see the whole picture, right there in front of me. Two and a half months later I finished my thesis (I even got an "A"), and received my degree. I'm convinced I couldn't have done it - and may not have even tried - if I didn't see the whole scope of the project in one mind map.

Enough about me - take a look around and learn more about mind mapping. If your experience is anything like mine, what you'll learn here may change your life.

Mind Mapping Uses


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